Working from Home Tips

April 22, 2020 News, Tips Brian Nowakowski
Here at BRS, we have been working remotely since before it was the cool (mandated) thing to do! We know it can be tough to transition and to find a new groove; therefore, we have pooled our collective minds to compile a list of tips and tricks for all of those who are new to working from home.
  • Create an office or personal work space somewhere in your home. It will help to reduce distractions and get yourself in the right frame of mind for work. Let others in your house know, when you are in that space you are working.
  • Take your fur-children on long walks.
  • Make your office space comfortable by investing in a good chair, providing lots of natural light, adding pictures, posters or any other decor that makes you happy.
  • Keep to a schedule that includes getting out of the house before starting work each morning is key. For example, leave the house, take the dog to the park, get coffee, etc. When you came back through the door that signifies the start of the work day.
  • Also be sure to signify the end of your work day. A large batch of Ina Garten’s Cosmopolitans for a virtual happy hour can do the trick.
  • Invest in good coffee! (or tea!)
  • Take your dog for a walk.
  • Make sure you have what you need handy – computer, phone, chargers, glass of water, extra sweater, etc. If you have to wander around the house to collect items it is easier to get distracted.
  • Establish clear communication protocols with your team and clients. When you work from home much of your communication will be through emails. Do not be afraid to follow-up with a phone call or a video conference. It will help to clarify what you are trying to convey in the email and also maintain and help build working relationships.
  • Reduce the feeling of isolation by listening to podcasts or virtually connecting with colleagues, etc.
  • Did we mention you should take walks with your best furry friend?
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