Advanced Tips for Staying Motivated

May 26, 2020 Tips Brian Nowakowski

As the days are getting longer and warmer and social distancing is continuing to drag on, it can become increasingly difficult to stay motivated–especially when working from home. So in case the tips from last month’s newsletter are starting to get stale, here is part two of the BRS Work from Home Series!

  1. If you have a project that you are having a hard time getting motivated to do, schedule a call with someone to go over it a few days out. Nothing motivates like a deadline!
  2. Turn distractions into rewards. For example, do two hours of work then reward yourself with an episode of a show you like.
  3. Wake up early, and always get dressed.
  4. If possible, don’t work where you sleep.
  5. Take a regular lunch break, eat outside if possible, or read something not directly related to work.
  6. Set a schedule and stick to it, with regular hours for working and not working.
  7. Mentally close the door on your workday. Write your job list for the following day. The physical act of writing everything into a notepad will act like a “brain dump”
  8. Continue to develop and enhance communication protocols with your team and clients.
  9. When you are feeling unmotivated, break up the day with a hobby or workout to clear your mind.
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